Wow! Did I just say that word? I was raised in a very traditional family and went to public school my entire life. After graduating from college, I always thought I knew what my life and family life would look like!

After my children were born, or several years after they were born and I missed out on raising them during the early years, because of my “corporate job” … I decided I wanted more time with them! The economy helped me make my decision to come home and be a stay-at-home-mom! Today, I could not be more grateful. At least at this moment!

My kids are 10 (She is in 5th) and 6-3/4 (He is in 1st). They had attended public school until March 2015 when we decided to bring them home. After years of struggling, with the fact that they attended school in a very good school district, and yet they still were not being challenged we needed a change. I know many other parents struggle for other reasons, but this was our challenge. We worked every summer, weekend and holiday … playing games, reading and working on life skills … only to feel like it was “off the gas” during the school year.

After reading, researching and attending home school seminars for a couple of years, we decided it was time. We would bring them home, allow them time to decompress from the “traditional” public school method and let our path to home schooling find it’s own way … we have started on some basic curriculum and will continue to add and change when we’re ready.

I will share my thoughts along the way, in hopes that it will inspire other families to pursue what is in their heart for their kids.