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When someone said “homestead” a few years ago, all I could envision was Little House on the Prairie. Today my vision is so different. Being a homesteader is about being more self-reliant and resourceful! My husband and I have big homestead plans but for now we are working on our skills and learning all we can. So whether your Homestead is: an Apartment, a Condo, a House, an RV or 15 acres … just start where you are.

Last year during an extended stay in Montana (that is a post all in itself!), we spent lots of time talking about our ‘Future Homestead’ and what we wanted. We talked about: Gardening, Animals, Off-Grid vs. On-Grid benefits, location and then we talked over the camp fire countless nights about our “Big Why” … which for some people is new (and maybe a bit scary!) … We talked about, ‘why’ are we doing the jobs we are doing? Are we happy with the education our kids are getting? What life would make us feel most ‘complete’ and grounded? What do we know a lot about? Well, that list was short! What do we know a little about? That list was LONG!

I hope to share our thoughts and what Baby Steps we are making, each season and year, as we work on our Homestead and our “Big Why”.

A Vision for our future, keeps us focused on the daily tasks of learning all we can!

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