A little about me


Hi! I’m Melanie and I’m so happy you’re here because that means you’re ready to help your family go from Boxed to Basics!

Wherever you are along the journey toward improving your health, I hope you’ll be inspired, find resources and even meet a few crunchies (aka healthy minded friends) to encourage you along your journey!

I’m just an average mom, making an above average effort to keep my family healthy by feeding them Basic foods! During the time I was working in the corporate world, I struggled each day to get to work, get kids to and from day care, arriving home to fussy hungry kids and I myself was physically exhausted. I had filled my pantry, refrigerator and freezer with quick meals; the blue box macaroni-and-cheese, frozen pizzas, spaghetti in a jar … I was exhausted and making less than ideal food choices for my family, so …

In December of 2012, sitting is the doctors office for the 24th time in 11-months (for our family of four) … I knew I needed to do something! I could hardly believe it or the fact that all those visits required western medicine (or did they?)! While our family had been making Baby Steps toward changing out those Boxed foods, to slightly better Boxed choices, it was clear we needed to make another change … to Basics. You know what I mean: Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, Seeds, Beans … you know, Basic Ingredients!  It made a huge difference, along with lots of other lifestyle things we changed! By, 2014 our family of four only went to the doctor twice …

I share this so you will Be Inspired that you can make a difference in your family! Keep in mind this is a journey, the road is bumpy and it has lots of uphill moments and downhill moments and you may even encounter a detour (that life throws you!).

Always remember to: Give yourself GRACE, know that CHANGE takes time, make one BABY STEP each week that you can maintain and find or create a SUPPORT system (aka COMMUNITY)!

Welcome, Sweet Friend, I’m glad you’re here!

Just me,