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52 WEEK PROGRAM USING BABY STEPS TO start feeling more relaxed at home

In this step-by-step online learning experience, you’ll be guided by Melanie Gerth a passionate stay at home mom, entrepreneur and homesteader, as she teaches you simple changes you can make in these 7 areas: NatureCation, Baby Steps, Hometending, Homesteading, Apothecary, Real Food and Prepparedness.

During this fifty-two program, you’ll get insider access to Melanie plus proven tools, exercises, and videos to completely transform your home in fifty-two weeks.

You are exhausted, worn out, the pantry and freezer have out of date items, your household feels like a disaster, you know you could help your family be better and do better … but how?

Maybe you are battling: extreme fatigue, brain fog, felt frazzled, a few pounds overweight?

Maybe you are a stay at home Mom, who needs to Feed my family Today, Prepare for Tomorrow and are trying to plan for the future?

3 Ways Boxed to Basics will help you take back control of your life

Discover basic homesteading techniques that are working today so you know exactly how to prepare real food.

#Babysteps are daily step-by-step instructions so you aren’t overwhelmed by the process. Take a sneak peak below at the course.

By the end of the program, you’ll have transformed your home and life. You will have fallen in love with your life and family all over again.

This is for you if….


You make time for you first ... EVERY DAY! ❤️

You have a list of priorities that you will accomplish every morning. Yes, this can be realistic when you wake up energized and ready to embrace the day.

You fill up your cup with wisdom, laughter and heartfelt encouragement, each day! ☕️

You are surrounded by people that truly want you to win and will help you do so.

You still have time and energy to keep your house: clean, organized and simply put ... HOME! 🏡

You are able to disconnect FULLY. No phone, no email and no being half present when with loved ones.


You have time to focus on what you want for a career, job or side hustle ... in the near future. 💰

Accomplishing new things drives us to be better and wanting to expand into more.

You have found your tribe!

My Private Coaching Community is sure to be silly, sappy, funny, life changing … because HEY we all have our own story (and mess!)! 😝
My Passion is helping you rediscover your own AWESOMENESS and Designing a LIFE that ensures a LIFETIME of Health and Wellness!
Our Community is a place where we share ideas, resources, tools, advice, feedback, ask questions, have weekly calls, recipes, and soooo much more!
Accountability – It is easy to say that you want to change and you want to walk down a different path than where you are now. Accountability is the key ingredient that will keep you making changes.

Tools we will share

#MealRhythms and WHY they save time, money and stress. 🍽
#WhoWalked is our Daily focus to get you moving! 👟
Text message reminders to help you stay on track.
#BabyStep Challenges Monthly … so you can make progress! 🦶
Discounts on 1-on-1 Coaching!
Monthly Q and A calls to help your specific needs.

In our Membership Group, we dive into the idea more and give you:
Suggestions for Meals, Tip-and-Tricks … heck,
if you give me your phone number below,
I’ll even text you reminders about pulling out stuff from the Freezer or Quick-Recipes…
so Dinner doesn’t have to be stressful anymore.

If you have read this far, something here resonates with you.
I challenge you to take a minute and figure out what that is.
You want something different! Let me help you obtain it!


2 Words= “LIFE-CHANGING!!”

Boxed to Basics has changed my way of thinking about food and being prepared! In just a short amount of time; I have eliminated heavy metals in my water, switched out toxic products in my household, switched out unhealthy ingredients for healthy alternative and I now have a healthy relationship with food! I always felt bloated and I quickly learned that I was putting the wrong foods in my body that caused inflammation.

I have made #babysteps every week as simple as switching out a toxic plastic ladle to a stainless-steel ladle OR getting rid of refined sugar and substituting with a better sweetener.

Easy switches just like that can make a world of difference! Boxed to Basics is for everyone; even my husband and kids have benefited from this group! It helps you stay alert, informed, and prepared! I can honestly say now that we are prepared for whatever this world throws at us! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Melanie Gerth’s Box to Basics group for beginners, foodies, crunchy mamas, and even experts!


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