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When someone said “homestead” a few years ago, all I could envision was Little House on the Prairie. Today my vision is so different. Being a homesteader is about being more self-reliant and resourceful! I have big homestead plans but for now we are working on our skills and learning all we can. So whether your Homestead is: an Apartment, a Condo, a House, an RV or 15 acres … just start where you are.

A few years ago during an extended stay in Montana (that is a post all in itself!), we spent lots of time talking about our ‘Future Homestead’ and what we wanted. We talked about: Gardening, Animals, Off-Grid vs. On-Grid benefits, location and then we talked over the camp fire countless nights about our “Why” … which for some people is new (and maybe a bit scary!) … We talked about, ‘why’ are we doing the jobs we are doing? What life would make us feel most ‘complete’ and grounded? What do we know a lot about? Well, that list was short! What do we know a little about? That list was LONG!

I hope to share our thoughts and what #BabySteps we are making, each season and year, as we work on our Homestead and our “Why”.

A Vision for our future, keeps us focused on the daily tasks of learning all we can!

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