Preparedness Advent Calendar … Day 2

Preparedness Advent Calendar … Day 2

Remember the 5-Gallon Bucket … it’s time to fill it!


You can fill it with (anything):

– A 72-Hour Food Kit for your Family (Think: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinners & Snacks!)

– Easy Meals (Add only Water or Just Heat and Serve)

For those a little further along their preparedness journey …

– Fill it with a Component for a Meal (Pancake Mix, Soup Beans, Rice, Dehydrated Fruit and/or Veggies, Salt, Baking Supplies, etc)


Here are some suggestions and where you might find them …

– Rice: I got mine from Costco. The bucket holds about 40-lbs of rice. Mix and match depending on what you like: White Rice, Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Risotto, etc. Don’t forget to check out Ethnic Markets for Rice & Beans, they always have great specials.

– Soup Beans: I got mine from Bobs Red Mill and I actual bought a 4-pack/box of each one of those pictured. They also offer a 25-lb bag option. Shop Here: .

– Pancake Mix: I have tried LOTS of different kinds, soooo just be careful to actual cook with one before you “stock” it. Trust me, some are terrible. Buy the smallest container to try them. Oh, Don’t forget Syrup or whatever you like!

– Tip: Check out the end-caps (at the end of isles in the Grocery store or Walmart) where they have stuff deeply discounted.


If you are going to pour the contents directly into the bucket, you will want a Mylar Bag, here is a link: .


When I first started, I didn’t worry about any Oxygen Absorbers because I was actively using the 5-Gallon Bucket to refill my Pantry Jars. Today, I have added Oxygen Absorbers, as MOST of what I stock is “stash”. Hope that made sense. Here is a link for Oxygen Absorbers: (This is 50 of the 500cc packets, enough for 15 5-gallons buckets or 50 1-gallon Mylar Bags).

Here is a cheat list for how much is needed (Don’t be like Mel and do it wrong first!)

100-200cc per Quart

300-500cc per Gallon

1,000-1,500cc per 5-Gallon Bucket


P.S. I have bought the 2-gallon Buckets with special 2-Gallon Gamma Lids … Yeah Don’t! EVERY single lid has broken and the buckets are almost as expensive as the 5-gallon ones.


How can I help you? What questions do you have?

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