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Most of us grew up in households where food was found on the inner isles of the grocery store and not outside: on the farm and in the garden!


Today we know that a habit takes 21 days to form, so I’m not sure about you … but for me, that means I had 32+ years (shhh, don’t tell!) of getting those habits established before my daughter was born!

Then one day, my whole world turned upside down and I came face to face with my habits: as she squirmed and cried and I soothed her with a bottle before leaving the hospital, I can remember vaguely thinking: she needs formula, what kind?

And so my new pattern started! Make sure I have formula for her, so without thinking, I traveled to the inner isle of the grocery store … you know the illusive “baby isle”, where I’m pretty sure they pipe in the sounds and smells of all things baby! Into my cart jumps the formula with the best packaging and branding!

I never knew the book below existed! I didn’t know that I could make my own formula, since I couldn’t breast feed. I just didn’t know!

NourishingTradBaby book

Then a few years later comes my son! As we struggled for a year with formula and Prevacid (into his formula!), I remember thinking MANY times, “I know there is a better way”. So as we struggled and changed formulas over and over and over again, we finally ended up with the “car payment” formula, as we lovingly called it. We were at the last step, before you have your formula compounded – can you just say $$$!

At a year, we transitioned him to Whole Milk (the junk kind as I call it now, but I didn’t know!), which was no better. Then someone suggested Organic Whole Milk and about 6-months later a healthy minded friend suggested Raw Milk and how it helped her kids! At this point … I’m in! I sure wish someone would have told me years before about Raw Milk!

And literally overnight, he’s calm and sleeping, no more clenching and he’s generally better!

About the same time we started Organic Whole Milk, we became very critical of EVERYTHING we put in our cart … because we knew it ended up in our mouths and we knew it was effecting our family!

Well this is where our journey started … fast forward 5 years later and we literally changed out everything in our pantry in Baby Steps!


We have dramatically reduced the number of times we eat out! We make better choices in what fills our: Pantry, Freezer, Refrigerator and Counter!

We’re not perfect but we are getting better, one Baby Step at a time! If you opened our pantry 5-years ago, it looked NOTHING like it does today … but our overall health today doesn’t look anything like before either!

My mission is to inspire other families to begin making one Baby Step change every week that they can maintain, while giving themselves Grace for times when they aren’t who they want to be! We got ourselves where we are today and we will make the changes necessary to be more healthy!

Here is where I’ll share our food journey … please always remember that each of us has our own journey and our own timing! If you need to take a break or exit (the journey!) for a while, no worries … I’ll see you right here, when you get back!
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